WordPress for Business: How to Get Started Lightning Fast!

Working WordPress for Your Business

Continuing with our theme from our previous post, we will build on it by discussing some useful tips for starting a WordPress business quickly and smartly. Implementing WordPress for business can be very simple, or very complicated. Those looking to get their own business up and running at lightning speed will go at it the simple way. The pace at which you can start is not necessarily dependent on how much money you have. You can have a WP business started with little or no start-up costs. If you are interested in saving some time and starting a business on the internet on a shoestring, read on.

Pick Affiliate Products or Find a Drop-shipper  WordPress Business Theme

One of the misconceptions that hinder people from having an internet business of their own is the thought that they need to have their own product. You do not have to be a genius inventor, or have a contract with a manufacturer to build a profitable business. You do not have to offer a service where you do all the work yourself either. There are a lot of free affiliate programs and drop-shippers available that can provide you with the products or goods needed to serve as the basis for your business. Some of the most popular and easiest to promote are affiliate programs such as Amazon.com Associates, Clickbank and Commission Junction.  Commissions can range anywhere for 4 to 50% and you do not have to supply the product – they handle that for you. Those wanting to use drop-shippers, can find then online just as easily. Just be sure to do your research and make sure there is enough of a profit margin to make the endeavor worthwhile financially. These two approaches are great for those interested in wielding the power of WordPress to generate an income while leveraging someone else’s products/business model.

Use a Template

Another setback to starting a business online through WordPress is design. Some people easily spend thousands of dollars on web design alone. This is on top of what they spend renting a warehouse and buying an inventory and does not even include their marketing expensive and other related business costs. Their approach is not only expensive, but it is also the hard way. There are many great resources for free WordPress templates online you can use to instantly fill your web design needs and have an impressive online storefront for greeting your potential customers, merchandise display, and transactions.  Here are some great free WordPress themes from which to choose.

Outsource the Content

Although many are buying traffic for their websites and it is a highly effective approach, most online business owners report that at least 30% of their website traffic still comes from search engines. This is even when they do not put much effort into SEO! It usually happens because of long-tail keyword searches. Needless to say, the content on your WordPress business website is important. You may not be a writer; but even so you can hire a writer to do the work, often for less than $5 an article. If your start-up budget is really low, you can write the content yourself or use content from online article databases or free article directories – there are plenty of them. However, unique content is always best for ranking, and that is where you should focus your energies.

Provide Great Customer Service

Customer service is one area many people skip over when setting up a WordPress business website. Even if you are an affiliate, it is important to provide current and potential customers with a way to connect with you. The best idea is to have more than one method of contact, such as an email address, live chat, and a toll-free number. Adding all of these systems to your WordPress site can be easy and low cost, if you find the right service provider. The importance of good customer service can never be overstated. You worked hard to get your customers, so why not just as hard to keep them!


So there you have it, some great tips for starting your new WP venture online. In our next post we will look at some nifty WordPress tools to help you further along with your business.

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