Who Needs Paid Advertising Anyway!


Yeah, Who Needs the Expense of Paid Advertising When There’s SEO!


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You do! We all do. Before you get all organic on me, let me explain why. I have seen many internet marketers – some of them actually very good at what they do – turn their noses up at the notion of paid traffic. They simply cannot bear the thought of paying to receive traffic. they focus most of their energy on SEO to the exclusion of other strategies.  After all, they want to make as much profit as possible. In this post I want to share with you exactly why I feel that every person who wants to make money online should look into the idea of paid advertising such as Google Adwords, banner advertising or guaranteed traffic.


 Makes Split Testing Easier

 If there is one group of people throwing away more money than those that don’t engage in paid targeted advertising, it is those that cannot be bothered to split test. There is no such thing as a perfect squeeze or sales page out there, even if you believe you have cracked the code. Split testing should be a constant process. You should always be making small adjustments to your page to see which is converting the best. If you engage in split testing you will make money. Obviously, we can’t rank all of our sites in the search engines, it isn’t feasible. We want to drive traffic to them as quickly as possible so we can make those adjustments, and this is where paid advertising can help. If you test properly then it is likely you will turn over a profit sooner rather than later.


 Generate Traffic to Your Site Quickly

 Search Engine Optimization is a long process. In fact, it may be many months before you start to see a return from your SEO investments . This nice post on seo vs paid traffic on name.com puts it nicely: “In most cases, there are good reasons for both paid and organic/free traffic to be used by a company.  Management should look carefully at the circumstances surrounding the need to advertise and apply the best method”. However, with paid targeted advertising you can generate visits to your website right from the very first day. This means that you will be turning over a profit (hopefully) much sooner! In addition to this, you will also be able to see which keywords convert best and which don’t. This is going to let you know where to target your SEO efforts in the future and, in itself, is a major reason for buying targeted traffic.


 Target Competitive Keywords

 Let’s get something straight right from the get go – there are some keywords that you are never going to be able to rank for, well, not unless you have a massive budget behind you at least. That’s just life – we need know when to pick our battles and move on. This doesn’t mean you need to disregard those keywords however; oh no. Instead you can target them with your paid advertising. This of course means you are going to obtain greater conversions, providing you choose your keywords well, at least.


 It Is Cheap and Targeted

 Pay per click, banner advertising and paid traffic are cheap if done right. Each can have a place in your internet marketing strategy and can bring in targeted customers who are, of course, the ones that convert the best. In fact, I honestly cannot think of a better form of advertising out there that can generate as many conversions. Yes, it may take a bit of ‘know how’ and constant testing, but once you have established the principles you really will be able to generate a substantial return on investment from your paid marketing efforts.


 As you can see, there are plenty of benefits of paid advertising, so if you have yet to jump on this bandwagon, why not do so today? It really can bring a world of benefits to your company! We’d like to hear how you have fared with your paid advertising campaigns.


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