What Type of Traffic Has the Highest Conversion Rate?

Does the Type of Traffic Really Influence Conversion Rate?

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Every webmaster and person doing business online wants a flood of traffic to hit their website and increase conversion rate. There are some who have been able to make this happen to their own astonishment and others who work hard for organic traffic or the funds to invest in paid traffic.  No matter how those unique visitors arrive at a site, receiving justification in the form of online profits is an invigorating experience. The problem is that not every website owner getting a huge volume of traffic is seeing the money they hoped for, as their conversion rates remain disappointingly low.

Paid vs Organic Traffic

There have been some who try and make comparisons between the conversion rates of paid traffic versus organic traffic, but there is no firm percentage between the two to compare. Different websites will always experience different results, no matter what is their source of traffic. One website can be fueled by paid traffic and have a high conversion rate while another could rely solely on organic traffic and suffer from a low conversion rate, or vice versa. However, website owners who labor to bring free traffic to their websites may suffer more emotionally because they have to work so hard without seeing any results.

Incoming traffic to a website, whether paid or free, converting or not, can be very useful in creating the desired income. All behavior that a website visitor displays while on the site is a source of important insight that reveals what is needed for the website to be successful. There are many website analytic tools which can be used to help view, organize, and track this information. Google Analytics comes to mind. It is free and very useful to any site owner.

Quality Content Increases Conversion

If many webpages of a site display a high bounce rate, then the design of the site could be the problem.  If visitors do spend time reading the content, but simply never take further action, this could imply the need for higher quality content or better advertising displays. If one topic of a blog post seems to be more popular than the rest according to the analytics, then adding more content about this particular micro niche may prove to be the right approach.

The road to becoming successful online is paved with rounds of trial and error. Many have failed because they saw traffic come into their sites in great volumes, but could not get the desired sales volume and simply gave up. Yet, those who take the time to learn what works for them make profits no matter what type of traffic they get. They know from experience that their purchase of paid traffic guarantees them more revenue thanks to the process they went through of perfecting their website, so they happily invest.

Improving the quality of a website is important whether a site receives purchased or organic traffic – even if the traffic is converting at a nice rate. This work serves to multiply the income of the website owner as their site becomes increasingly popular and new site visitors return to the site many times, having found value and eventually becoming buyers.  So, look around and see if you can’t find a few tweaks that will increase your conversion rate today.

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