Want to Increase Web Traffic ? Pay Attention to These 7 Areas

increase web traffic

A website is often the first in-depth look customers have at a business. You can have the easiest to use and most well designed website in the world, but it is only helpful if someone can find it. Use these tips to optimize website ranking on popular search engines, and increase web traffic


1: Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 


Popular search engines on the internet use keywords to help place websites in the best or most relevant order according to the search being performed. There are many techniques to wording articles, descriptions or blogs on your website that will optimize their ranking on the most popular search engines. Quality, keywords, structure and advertisement are a few of the techniques used by professional web site developers to create web traffic and increase website ranking. 


2: Quality Matters


A search engine uses “crawlers” or algorithms to rank the results in a search. Your website is much more likely to appear at the top of a search if the content is of high quality. Quality is determined not only by content, but also if there are too many ads on a site. Another determining factor of website quality is if there are links to outside sources on a website. These sources must be reliable and original.


3: Words Matter


Scientists have determined that when people view a web page, they only scan the headline and perhaps the first line or two underneath it. By placing keywords in this area it will encourage people to linger on the article to read more. Creating a catchy headline is also a great way to keep someone interested in a websites content. 


4: Ads


Keeping ads to a minimum is important to make a website look more natural. Ads are an key source of revenue on the internet, and when the right ads are placed accordingly, the website will have a professional image associated with it. 


5: Keywords and Structure


Structure is also very important in keeping customers engaged in a website. A website that is simple, clean and of high quality will bring more revenue into your business. Using keywords is important not only for search engines, it reinforces ideas you are portraying. You must remember that overusing keywords (stuffing) can cause search engines to overlook your webpage and make your site look low quality. Using short paragraphs with headings keep viewers informed and interested, even when they only scan a page. 


6: Links


Adding links to other pages can often increase your sites ranking on a search engine. These must be links to reputable businesses or articles that are relevant to what you are promoting. If you are posting articles, URLs are a great way to give credit for resources used and add credibility to your business. People want to know the information they are receiving is true. 


7: Social Networking 


Websites like Facebook and Twitter are a great way for people to stay connected to other people both in the business and in private. They can also be used to your advantage if you link your businesses social profile with your website. People love to share things, and this can be great for your business. It is important to stay connected with your customers. Update them on new items on your website, or promotions you may be having. Reply to them when they contact you. It shows good faith and helps you build a strong reputation. Make sure you don’t over advertise, as this can get annoying to people and they may hide you from their news feed or delete you altogether. Using social networks can be a great way to increase visibility for your site during a search. 


Using the internet is one of the best ways to advertise in today’s world. It has a huge audience and will always be available unlike traditional sources for advertisement, such as television and radio. People also have the opportunity to browse at their leisure, and are always connected to the internet. Mobile phone use to browse the web is at an all time high. Customers want to find your business on the internet. It is increasingly common for customers to search for answers on the internet. When you have a high quality website, people will trust it to satisfy their needs and, in the process, help you to  increase web traffic to your site. 

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