Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Social Media Marketing

Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Social Media Marketing- Even During Those Busy Times

 Social media isn’t strictly social these days. It is also a major driver for businesses that are looking social media marketingfor new ways to grow and promote their brand and keep up with the competition, if not get ahead of it. It provides both traditional and web-only based businesses with new and exciting ways to reach their existing customers and create new ones.  Let’s look at some effective ways you as a business or organization can leverage the power of social media to promote and grow your website and brand.

Bringing In a Hired Gun

Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and other platforms can have a big impact on your online presence but you may ask, “When will I have the time to stay current with all this new technology and still run my business?”  Well, thank goodness there are almost just as many solutions to this as there are questions.  If you do a Google search you will see that you have options- sometimes too many! Hiring a freelancer or social media marketing firm to handle these mundane tasks has never been easier. Hiring a freelancer to create compelling content for your and engaging your Twitter followers and Facebook fans is a great option if you just don’t have the time. The benefits?  It affords you the time to do what you do best- run your website or business! By contracting out this time-consuming but very important task, you now can give your undivided attention to fine tuning your marketing strategy, taking care of your current customers and continue to work on getting new ones.  And let’s face it, writing, tweeting or posting daily on Facebook just isn’t for everyone. In addition, attempting to do too many things can be a distraction from your main business.  A true social media professional will not only keep your fan pages alive and dynamic, interacting with your current fans and followers, but also attract fans more daily to your brand.

Social Buttons Are More Than Just Cool

Another thing you can do to raise your social media status and brand awareness is to directly have social buttons and share buttons on your blog or website in addition to your fan pages. Make sure to put them where people can see and click on them. People love company and, if you can show that you have had x amount of other people who “liked” or “tweeted” your page, you will attract even more fans to your brand. Put the herd mentality to work for you. Can you hear those footsteps?  By showing how many Facebook fans and Twitter followers you have, you present your site as being  popular, one worth checking out frequently. In sense social media marketing is a popularity contest- but one that is vital to your business success today.

Using Special Occasions to Pump up Your Social Marketing

Take advantage of special occasions and holidays. For Thanksgiving and Christmas, for example, you might set up a festive theme on your fan page. Take advantage of that extra cheer people are in within your social media circles. You should be dressing up your page. Make it festive and something truly special with exciting features, posts and offers for your existing fan base as well as newcomers. Post up new images and text that are relevant to your audience but still convey the mood of the occasion. Or maybe a special post outside of the norm as long as it’s in good taste. Give them something unique they will want to share with their friends  During specific holiday seasons, each social media site will have its own unique themes and attractions.  Take a look at what your social media platform is doing that is unique and use it to help you set up your own theme and get more exposure around the holidays. Also look at other pages- even your competitors’- for inspiration and ideas.  But make sure to keep your content original.

Staying the Course

Promote your website or blog on social media networks as often as you can. Write posts that are interesting and inspire your audience and they will share them with their friends and circles. Make sure that new post you just added to your blog also makes it to your Facebook Fan page. You can also add it in Google and tweet about it on Twitter, adding a link for all your followers. They may even re-tweet it to their circle of followers. Use social media to cross market. Get people coming to your fan page to also check out your site or blog and vice versa?  Provide them with enticing snippets and links to your site. Just like some investments, will have a compounding effect. But it all comes down to creating fresh and interesting content that your audience wants and keeping them engaged.  Whether you do it yourself or you hire a third party to keep up with your social media marketing, be consistent. Set a schedule for your posts, tweets, etc. You can always do more if time permits or you are outsourcing, but nevertheless stay active. People like regularity. Don’t let all that good work you put in initially go to waste. Your social media plant needs frequent watering and nourishment to thrive and blossom. This reminds me of that classic piece of poetry by Dylan Thomas when he says, “Do not go gentle into that good night.” Keep up the momentum, don’t let it fade away!

Putting It All Together

And remember, if you are considering the use of a freelancer or consultant to help you with your social media marketing, take a look at the platforms and sites they are using themselves to help you gauge their potential. If they truly are social media professionals they will have their own Facebook and Twitter pages.  Do a little due diligence to make sure they are going to be a good fit for your social media marketing campaign.  Social media presents a new and great opportunity for all of us who are trying to capitalize on the internet.  It has the potential to expose your business to vast audiences and engage them like never possible previously. Hopefully the tips offered here will help you to expand your social media presence and lead to greater overall success for your site and brand. Stay the course and reap the rewards which, in the end, means more traffic to your website or blog and possibly even greater conversion rates and sales for your business. Here’s to you success!

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