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Basics Elements for Making Money Online


making money onlineIn our previous post we looked that some of the essential tools necessary for internet marketing. Today we will build on that by talking about the basic elements that make up the foundation of effective internet marketing – that is, how to decide on what to sell and how to get it in front of the right audience. So let’s get started.


There are thousands of people out there who dream of making money online, but the reality is, very few people actually will. It is far too difficult. However, that isn’t to say that you can’t make money online, perhaps enough to cover the rent of other bills for a month. In this post I want to take a little look at a few of the steps you need to get started in internet marketing. There are two ‘key’ steps that I want to highlight here. Internet Marketing is slightly more involved than this though, so please bear in mind that this isn’t a complete guide, but it should be more than suffice to give you a nice little nudge in the right direction.


Identify a Need


Perhaps one of the key concepts that you need to understand about internet marketing is the fact that this whole process is based around ‘selling to people’. You could make the greatest product in the world, but if it doesn’t ‘fulfil’ a need then you won’t sell it. This is of course going to involve some research on your part. Let’s look at this a little closer.


The first stage is going to be looking at a market to target. There are huge amounts of options at your disposal here. For example, you may want to target ‘weight loss’, perhaps ‘dating’ or if you have particular knowledge in a certain hobby, then opt for that. The key is to get as general as you can here, you will be drilling it down in the next step. In my opinion, if you are just getting started in internet marketing, go for a market that that you know well, you stand a much greater chance of success.


Secondly, you need to find out what sorts of questions people are asking in that particular market. This is going to take scores of research, which is out of the scope of this article. Try to get as ‘specific’ as you can here. The more specific you are, the greater chance you have of making a sale. For example, if you are in the weight loss arena don’t look at ‘how to lose weight fast’ instead look at ‘how to lose weight fast after having a baby’ or ‘how to lose weight fast without exercising’. I hope you get the idea here.


Solving the Problem


Once you have identified the need, you need to get to work on solving the problem. You can tackle this is a number of different ways. For example, you may want to design a website which offers the ‘solution’ for free (or the solution to many problems) or you may want to write up an e-book that you can sell; you may even find PLR content out there which you can use. The creation of the content is probably the lengthiest of the processes that you need to go through. If you want to increase your chances of success then you need to make sure that content is fantastic.


Once your product is in place, you need to get it in front of the people that may want to buy it. In this case, it is all about driving traffic to your website, targeted traffic. The more you have land on your page, the more chances you have of making a sale. As you are probably aware, there are plenty of ways in which you can go about generating traffic. For example through Search Engine Optimization, Social Media, Article Marketing, Blog Posts etc. Basically, use as many of them as possible to get traffic to your website!


As I mentioned at the start, this is just a brief guide to the basic principles of internet marketing, but once you understand this you will increase your chances of success considerably! So go forth and be successful, I know you can!


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