Proven Strategies to Drive Traffic to Your Website

If you aspire to success online, whether it is a blog site or a business site, you will want to drive traffic to your drive traffic to your websitewebsite in order to get more subscribers or more sales to generate higher income and profits.  Without traffic to your online site you will not have a successful blog or business.  Do not become discouraged, however, as it takes an average of 3 to 6 months to build up your traffic depending on the niche you have chosen.



Pay Attention to Your Audience for More Traffic

There are many ways to generate targeted traffic to your website and keep that traffic increasing.  The use of social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest are some of the most common paths and fastest ways to drive traffic.  You want as much traffic as you can get, and more traffic means word-of-mouth advertising which in turn will generate even more traffic.

You will need your website to be user friendly and offer a place where your customers and followers can leave comments.  People love to leave comments and this is good customer service.  Your customers will appreciate being able to interact with you and ask questions or leave comments.  Have a section on your website where you can update what services you offer or products for sale.  Compare what you do to others that do the same thing.  Your goal is to show people why they should pick your site instead of the competition.


 Let’s Not Forget SEO

You will also need back links to your website.  Back links are links from other companies that are similar to yours.  When relevant links to your site appear on other reputable websites, they will confer trust and authority back to your own site. People will click on them and be taken to your site. They will also have a tremendous SEO effective on your site, as the search engines will also boost your search rankings.  You want to be able to produce a steady stream of traffic to your on-line business or blog.


 Create Your Brand Awareness

If you are blogging, you need to update your blog frequently – at least on a weekly basis and then use the social media sites to promote your blog.  Followers end up becoming customers.  The more followers you start building the more customers you will get.  People love word-of-mouth advertising and when your site has quite a few likes then the general public will see your company as customer friendly with excellent products.

Increasing your brand awareness and driving traffic to your on-line business is top priority for a successful website.  The use of social media is the perfect avenue for marketing your business. Social media is available all over the world 24 hours a day 7 days a week.  By being active with social media sites you are reaching customers from all over the World Wide Web. Reaching your target audience will make your on-line business successful.


So remember, by creating a site that is easy to use, one that allows your visitors to engage your content and on has a social media strategy as well as a solid back links profile, you will be able get a better Google rating and increase your traffic over time.  Your goal is to have your site listed in the number one spot on Google.  By constantly comparing your business with similar businesses and making yours better and more popular than your competitors’, you will see your Google ranking move, drive traffic to your website and become more successful as a result.  So, what are you waiting for?  Start taking advantage of all the marketing resources that the internet has available and start building your customer base quickly.

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