How Social Media Can Boost Traffic

How Social Media Can Boost Traffic


In the last couple of weeks we have looked at social media marketing and traffic generation strategies and tips in our media traffic Today we will merge the two topics and talk about how social media can positively impact traffic to your website.  There are very few internet marketers out there nowadays who haven’t woken up to the benefits of social media. However, very few of these marketers use it to good effect. In fact, they remain blissfully unaware of how much traffic social media can bring to their websites if utilized correctly. Let me explain.

One of the main reasons as to why marketers are using social media is to build up their brand reputation and to ‘connect’ with their customers. Sort of like a mini ‘mailing list’. In fact, this is about as far as many marketers go. However, it is also a great way to build up the amount of people visiting your website. Let’s look at a few ways in which this can work.


Sharing Information

Social Media is all about sharing things with your friends and family. If you have an absolutely amazing tweet or Facebook status then people will share it with others. Attach your website link to your status or perhaps a ‘read more’ and people will visit your website if they are interested. They don’t even need to be following you for this to happen! There are many marketers out there who forget just how powerful adding a website link is to their tweet or Facebook post. Try it the next time you share a post, you will notice a substantial boost to your traffic!


Search Engine Optimization

Social Media can also boost your traffic by way of search engine optimization. Remember, every time your link is being shared through social media you are ‘link building’. Sure, it may not hold as much link juice as some of the other links out there, but it does work. Imagine having a few thousand people share your posts! Think how much social media traffic this could generate for you! In addition to that, the search engines seem to placing an even greater focus on the top social media networks when it comes to their search algorithms, so working on your social media presence can only have huge benefits!


Do Paid Social Media Likes Work?

The answer to this question is both yes and no, confusing? Let me explain that a little. You can purchase social media likes, followers or whatever else. However, these have to be ‘real’. If they aren’t real then you aren’t really going to be doing anything for your business apart from gaining a ‘reputation’. If you have real likes on the other hand, you will have people sharing the links that you post on your social media account. This means that not only is it going to be good for your link building, but it is also going to be good for gaining even more people to your site. In short, if you are going to buy anything related to Social Media, ensure the traffic is ‘real’ to start off with.

Hopefully that has given you an idea on just how important social media traffic is for any business. Honestly, if you put the effort into building up your social media brand then you have one-up on everybody else who put their focus purely on the search engines, and we all know how quickly their algorithms can change.

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