Should You Still Build Backlinks After Google Panda?

So, Should You Still Build Backlinks After Panda?

Google has done in a lot of webmasters by making changes to the algorithm that dictates where a website will end up in the search engine results listing. This has caused some to shy away from their link building strategies because they worry their websites are not going to rank well in the search engine. Some experts recommend that webmasters avoid getting cheap backlinks and focus more on social media marketing instead. However, this does not mean that you cannot still buy backlinks that will boost the success of your website. Keep reading to learn how purchasing and building backlinks is still an effective strategy for getting traffic even after Google Panda.

Diversification and Quality into Your Link Building Strategy

Many webmasters watched in horror as their websites slid down the Google search results listings never to recover again. They had put a lot of effort in getting their site to rank, but all their time, energy, and money just went out the door. Some of them were able to recover, but they had to do a lot of jumping through hoops to get it done. They had to do things like build link diversity and increase their social media marketing (see this great article by on the importance of social signals for seo). Some of them also had to improve website content and remove the cheap backlinks that they bought from other companies that simply were no good.

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The work that webmasters had to put into their websites to get rank from Google for websites that once has a great deal of traffic was in some cases more than what it took to get a page one rank in the first place. All of this trouble is what helped spread the rumor that it does not help to buy link building services. Google stopped handing out rank for backlinks that they did not think were valuable, such as link from FFA sites. In fact, some websites suffered penalties from Google for the spammy links that were pointing to them. Backlinking even became a way for other webmasters to knock out the competition. Just paying for a ton of spammy, low quality backlinks to the opposing site allowed webmasters to outdo their competitors.

You Still Need Backlinks Even After Panda

With all the controversy, it would seem that to buy backlinks is the wrong approach, but webmasters should not give up on this method too quickly. There are many ways in which these services are still helpful. The fact is that the problems some webmasters experience with Google Panda updates is that the backlinks they bought for their sites were poor quality. While poor quality backlinks can drive a website down in rank, high quality backlinks still help to boost search engine ranking. The key is to get a company to do the backlinking that has standards about the type of backlinks that they build. Getting links to a site is still an important task for webmasters, but it can be very time consuming. Outsourcing the building of link diversity is effective and time saving.

Other methods of outsourcing backlink building that is effective are to buy Facebook likes and to buy YouTube views. Now more than ever, social media marketing is important to the success of a website. These strategies serve to boost traffic, rank, and even website authority. A strategic social media marketing plan can single-handedly create wealth. If you have been worried that it is not a good idea to buy targeted traffic for your website, it is time to put those concerns to rest.

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