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Why You Need SEO Backlinks

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There seems to be much back and forth conversation lately, especially after recent Google algorithm changes, concerning where to get backlinks and what type of links are best for SEO. Optimizing pages must have, as a part of its process, landing high authority and yet relevant seo backlinks. By landing quality backlinks to a website, one can go from Internet obscurity to web rock stardom!

With that said, it must be noted that while building your presence on the web, building back links should be among the most critical of decisions. This is not just an opinion.  It has been a tested and proven strategy utilized by SEO experts and webmasters everywhere for some time now. It is probably the single most important component to building websites and pages that bring in search engine results.  To put it another way, there is not a more effective SEO strategy to rank sites high in search rankings than by securing quality one way backlinks.

Try to Keep Them Relevant

Never let anyone tell you to get backlinks from just any website. If you remember nothing else, accept that any link received must be authoritative in your overall industry or niche. Let’s take a brief look at the website as an example.

Whether it is catering, wedding cakes, wedding dresses, reception halls or other, industry-related webmasters would do well to land a backlink from It’s authoritative and, so much so, it is one of the top three destinations for wedding related services.

Let’s bring that back into the realm of Internet marketing related sites and offer, as a further example, Any website, present company included, would do well to land a link from either or Both have at least Page rank (PR) of 9 out of a maximum ranking of 10 for any website.

Exception to Every Rule

As is always true in life, there is a however or exception to the rule. There are a few sites that may not have anything to do with your particular industry but have page rank so high, upon landing a backlink, your site will receive an immediate boost in rankings.

An excellent example of this is the ‘mecca’ of backlink opportunities which are .gov and .edu backlinks. Of the many reason these sites are so authority regardless if they are relevant to your subject matter, is they are typically of extreme age, almost impossible to get other than for education and government entities as well as pre-paid for decades.

Further, Yahoo has a directory which sells a yearly back links subscription for $299. Yahoo has the highest page rank possible which is 10. Landing this back link, will be the difference between a top 10 and top 30 ranking!

These are but a few examples of websites that may not be industry specific but have page ranks so high, they’ll give your site, should you be lucky enough to land a one way backlink, an immediate boost in organic search rankings.

Relevancy Still Rules

With that being said, it is still more productive for webmasters to seek out links from as many related, high quality blogs and websites as possible. If you have a comment section on your website or blog that it is aged, you know the type.

Seek out relevant seo backlinks for your website and receive the mighty indexing rewards of Google, Yahoo, Bing and other major search engines.


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