Increase Traffic Through Blog Commenting and Forum Posting

Generating Traffic through Blog and Forum Posting


In the past, blog commenting and forum posting seemed to be a method that was reserved purely for the spammers. increase trafficPerhaps because many internet marketers saw it as a time consuming process, many of them still do. Sadly for them, this is a poor state of mind to be stuck in. If you can post on the right blogs and forums then you will generate real and targeted traffic pretty quickly, and we all know that this has the potential to lead to more sales. Let’s take a little look at how you can go about posting on each of these, and of course generate web traffic.


Blog Commenting


This is an absolutely sublime way for you to increase traffic, providing you do it properly of course! This means that you don’t want to be wildly posting on as many blogs as you can, this will be detrimental to both your search engine optimization efforts, and of course will be a waste of your time as it will not generate any traffic whatsoever, not traffic you can work with at least.


Your mission is to find a blog that is in the same niche as you, or as close as possible to it. You will also want to make sure that it is a fairly active blog i.e. it gets regularly updated and there seems to be a fairly big community of people who comment on the posts.


Once you have found a blog, you need to register to be able to leave blog comments (if you need to!). Now, don’t go straight in there posting links wherever you can. You will want to try and get involved in the community first. So make sure your posts outweigh your ‘advertising posts’. Even when you do post a link, try to ensure that it is relevant to the material which you are ready, and don’t forget to leave a little comment about the article too.


You should never post links as spam. Instead, take the time to get involve with the community and you will be able to reap the rewards! Also, do NOT complain if your post gets removed. You don’t want to be banned from commenting right?


Forum Posting


For the most part, posting on forums is the same as blog posting and a great way to increase blog traffic, although in this case you are going to need to take a bit more of an initiative to get involved with the community. In my opinion, those that post content on forums tend to have more of a ‘personality’ about them, and if you constantly post links then you will get found out.


Before you start to post on a forum, make sure you read the forum rules. There may be a little bit about no links there, if there is, move along. You don’t want to fight these rules as it could be detrimental to your website.


When you post on the forum, don’t include links in every post. Be as subtle as you can. The more you are ‘integrated’ in the community, the more people will end up clicking the links. It is a time-consuming process, but trust me, it is very effective if you want to increase website traffic!


Remember, posting on targeted websites is going to boost your ranking in the search engines considerably, and in my opinion, there is no better way to get targeted links out there than via forum posting!

So, now go out find those relevant blogs and forums and start reaping the benefits of better ranking and increased website  traffic. Here’s to your success!


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