How Effective Is Your Keyword Research?

How Effective Is Your Keyword Research?


The case for doing great keyword research has been firmly established.  Those who rely on paid traffic sometimes think there is no reason for them to be concerned with the keywords they use, as SEO strategies are mainly for those seeking organic traffic. But having the right set of keywords to target is important for anyone who wants their websites to have visitors. The key is using effective keyword research strategies. Read on to get some helpful tips.

Use Keyword Research to Know Your Competitionkeyword research

Just about every niche you can think of has some competition. Even if you are not competing with others for a higher rank in Google, it is still vital to know more about the competing sites who are fighting to get your potential customers. It is not rare for searchers to visit many sites on a particular topic, even if it is over the course of an extended period. You can buy paid traffic, but you need to give them a reason to stay and read what you have to say,  return to your site more often, and buy from you. With good research you can sift out all the micro niches and competitors to see what they have to offer and outdo them.

Know How Many People Are Searching for What You Have to Offer

It is important to know how much your niche is worth and who your target audience is. Keyword research can also help you make predictions about whether the popularity of your niche will increase of decline. Suppose you are a car insurance affiliate. It is simply not enough to target the keyword ‘car insurance’ without looking into the numerical figures. This happens to be a highly competitive niche, meaning potential customers have many options to choose from. Doing keyword research can uncover some more precise search terms that you can use to stand apart from the rest by being the solution customers are looking for.

Find the Traffic That Is Ready to Buy

Did you know that by targeting ‘buyer keywords’ you can instantly increase sales conversion rates? Whether using organic traffic or paid traffic, buyer keywords can prove to be a gold mine. Sure, you could sit back and come up with some terms people might search for when they are ready to buy, but the most effective route is to do keyword research for these terms and see which ones are getting the highest volume. Some examples of buyer keywords include ‘buy movies online’, ‘discount car insurance’, and ‘Universal RCA remote sale’. Also, don’t forget to use long-tail keywords as they are not only more specific but will usually be easier to rank for, especially if your site is new or your niche is very competitive.

Use Many Tools for Your Keyword Research

Many people know how to use free online keyword suggestion tools like Google AdWords Keyword Tool -and it is a great tool- but there are also some impressive paid keyword and SEO research options available such as and These programs can not only allow you to see the search volume on a keyword, but also tell you exactly how hard or easy it is to beat out the competition that is doing well for that search term. You can even discover how many backlinks they have and which sites they are getting backlinks from.  Most of these paid tools also have a ‘lite’ version or offer a free trial.

But, no matter what approach you take, it is crucial that you take your keyword research seriously- it can mean the difference between a website that is wildly successful and one struggling to get by.  Good luck and happy keyword researching!


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