Free Advertising for Your Business: Get Your Customers to Do It for You!

The power of word-of-mouth advertising has been well known long before social media arrived on the scene. Even as we delve deeper into the digital world, it still remains one of the most powerful means of promoting business. The introduction of social platforms only magnified that power. Without consideration to your social media marketing campaign, there are some strategies all businesses should be using to get their customers to play the role in spreading the word about them. Read on to learn about some of the ways to get customers to advertise for you for free or with little word of mouth advertisingcost involved.


  • Run a Competition

And not just any competition, but a competition that rewards those who bring in the most referrals. The effectiveness of this approach depends heavily on the niche you are in and your target market. Nevertheless, this could prove to be one of the most successful and lucrative campaigns run for your business. Think about the McDonald’s Monopoly game. It is not a competition, but they get customers to do what they want; buy more food. How? By offering prizes. McDonald’s looks for more food sales, but if you are looking for more customers, you can use such a strategy to motivate existing customers to do the work of generating leads for you simply by offering a very nice prize.


  • Give Discounts

You do not always have to give out a prize to motivate customers to spread word-of-mouth advertising. With a prize, there is one reward given at the end of the campaign, and it usually goes only to the person who performs the best. With discounts, you might be able to motivate many more people because you can give the discount to everyone who participates. For example, you might offer 50% off to every customer that tweets about your company or product. Discounts are a proven strategy.


  • Take a Stand for Excellence

The best way to get customers to advertise for you it to be noteworthy. When your business provides a high quality product and superior service, you barely even need to ask customers to recommend your company to their friends. They will do so simply because they are moved by the phenomenal experience they had when doing business with you. Think of some experience of your own with a business that left you feeling like a valued customer.  Standing for excellence is an approach that keeps on giving back. At the very least, a higher percentage of your customers will be eager to shop with you again and again.


  • Do Something Out-of-the-Box

People love having something interesting to talk about. There are a lot of companies that have pulled controversial media stunts for the sake of getting attention, and it worked! Do something that no one would expect you to do, then sit back and watch the new customers pour in like rain. For some reason, people love creativity and uniqueness. Sometimes, however, the line between clever and controversial can be a thin one (has anyone seen the Joe Boxer Christmas commercial from Kmart?), so keep this in mind. Beyond that, doing something different and refreshing is a great way to get word-of-mouth advertising about your business. Give it a shot!


The amazing power of word-of-mouth advertising still takes some business owners by surprise. Many of them who have benefited from it were not even actively looking for it. They just did what was in their heart to do. People loved them for it and rewarded them by sending over new customers. With the holidays around the corner, now may be as good an opportunity as any to try one, or even a few, of these time-tested strategies.

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