Targeted Website Traffic FAQs:

Q: How do you generate your traffic and is it real and is it safe for my site?

A: When you buy website traffic from us, visitors come from a large network of expired domains representing many different niches which we redirect to your site. We only deliver 100% real and unique visitors to your website using only honest and professional methods- we not not use scripts, bots or any other type of underhanded methods. It is not only safe but the best type of traffic service.

Q: When will I begin to receive visitors to my website and when will my campaign be completed?

A: We will begin to send traffic to your site within 24-48 hrs of receiving your order (though usually sooner), and all campaigns are generally completed within 30 days. Smaller amounts of traffic may complete sooner.

Q:  It would be great if I could get visitors who fit my niche site. Can you really traffic my website by Country and niche or category?

A: Absolutely. You will receive highly targeted, unique visitors with our service. That is what we specialize in because we know that the only type of website traffic that is truly effective is one that sends you targeted visitors who have an interest in what you have to offer. Otherwise it would be a waste.

Q: Will your services increase conversion and sales on my site?

A: There are many factors that influence sales and no one can guarantee the number of sales to a particular site. It is safe to say, however, to say that when you receive traffic that is targeted to your business or niche you will have a much greater chance of converting those types of visitors into sales. Of course, other factors such as your site layout, products/services and sales pitch will also have a great impact on conversion and sales figures.

Q: Do you offer some type of money back guarantee with your service?

A: Yes we do. We guarantee that we will delivery the amount of traffic you paid for within 30 days or we will issue a pro-rated refund for any traffic not delivered.

Q: Are there certain restrictions on the type of site you offer your services to?

A: Yes there are. We will not provide services to any website that promotes hate, racism, violence or any type of illegal activity. Additionally, we will not service sites that contain pop-ups or any harmful software such as malware, viruses, trojans, etc.


Backlinks Packages FAQs:

Q: I have heard that you should only bother with high quality dofollow backlinks. How good are your backlinks and are they dofollow?

A: Yes, our backlinks come from high PR established blogs and forums and they are dofollow. Dofollow is preferred do to the link juice they pass on to your site but having a healthy balance between dofollow backlinks and nofollow is a good thing as it will make your backkink profile look more natural to search engines.

Q: Do you guarantee page one results with your service?

A: No, and no one can as there are many factors involved in ranking such as your own onsite SEO and the search engines themselves. Beware of anyone who promises you the sky as far as search rankings go. But to add to that, having quality High PR and Diversified Backlinks  are essential to ranking higher.

Q: What is your refund policy for your packages?

A: We will refund you on a pro-rated basis for any if we are unable to complete your campaign. This is rarely a problem, however.

Q: Will I get a report showing where my links were placed, and how long does it take to get it?

A: We will send you a full report detailing where your links were created. You will receive your backlinks report within 7-10 days.

Q: How many keywords and URLs can I use with your packages?

A: You get to choose up to 4-7  different keyword phrases and 4-7 different  URLs if you wish, depending on the package.


If you have any questions not answered in our FAQs, please contact us. Thank you.

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