DIY Website Design or Use Professional Web Designer?

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Design Your Own Website or Leave It to a PRO?

Some of those just starting out opt for DIY website design because they want to gain the experience and save money. Then there are others who have no doubt that using a professional web designer is the right approach. They want a professional-looking website and worry, for numerous reasons, that doing it themselves would be near impossible. There is no hard and fast rule about it, but some of those who think they cannot afford a web designer might be surprised. Others, who think they lack web design skill, might also be surprised.


The Case for a Professional Web Design

The experts whose sole means of income is in creating websites go to college or trade school specifically to learn web design. They understand advanced techniques in HTML 5, CSS, Ruby on Rails, FTP, SQL, and on and on. This is knowledge an amateur is not going to have and is the same reason why people pick the pros for web design instead of attempting it on their own. A Professional website designer can do complex things, allowing them to create state-of-the-art websites that really wow audiences. The only problem is that their services can prove quite costly.


How to Save Money on Professional Web Design

It is possible to get cheap professional web design that is still high quality. Those who want a complex website, but are on a tight budget, can check out some of the options available to get affordable web design. New web designers that are fresh out of school and need a way to build up a reputation often offer lower prices and discounts. Many of them will work at a lower rate in exchange for a testimonial and the right to use your site as an example of their work.

There is a steep amount of competition in the field of web design. It is possible to find a web designer whose regular rate is something you can afford. The low pricing is for the sake of keeping them competitive. Also, try checking with online auction sites, micro job websites, such as and


The Case for DIY Web Design

There is a lot of great, free website builder software that makes creating a professional website drag-and-drop easy. Consider this, in addition to the numerous free and low cost website design templates available, and the ease by which a complete novice can make a website becomes excitingly clear. Need to know a few html tags or color codes? All you have to do is search for the information. There are YouTube videos on web design that make the process even easier. You might be surprised at which amazing websites were made by somebody who never learned web design and for whom it was a first attempt.


So Which Option Is Best for You?

No one option is better than the other. It really comes to what you want and your budget, of course. Do not be afraid to buy web hosting with CPanel and play around with the file manager. Take advantage of the resources online; taking advice from forums and how-to videos, using web builders, templates, and free graphics. When you do it yourself, the cost of web design is free!

But if you really don’t feel that you are up to it, remember, you can still hire someone to create a website for you on a budget without breaking the bank. Just take your time and look around. And if money is no issue, well then shoot for the stars!

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