Why Do Cluttered Blogs Sometimes Have Higher Conversion Rates?

higher conversion ratesSearch for information about having a cluttered blog and most experts will warn against it. They say that is it the fastest way to chase away visitors. They say it lowers your authority and makes your site appear spammy. In most instances, they are absolutely right, but sometimes they have been proven wrong. There are some cluttered blogs whose conversion rates are to be craved. Even the gurus are not getting stats like this! Why is this so? What makes the difference between a successful cluttered blog and cluttered blog that is a complete flop? Read on to find out.


They are Actually A Great Resource

It is important to know the difference between chaotic clutter and helpful clutter when it comes to blog and website design. Some bloggers fill their blogs with useful links that actually prove valuable. Visitors return to the blog again and again because the links featured, along with the information in the posts, save them  hours of research and even provide them with information that they might not otherwise be able to find. It is the chaotically cluttered blogs filled with unrelated advertisements and affiliate offers that have a hard time performing well. When the clutter serves the audiences’ needs, instead of the owner’s greedy appetite for personal gain, then the cluttered approach can work.


It is Easier to Click on Something by Accident

Having visitors accidentally click on something they have no interest in can frustrate them, but when they click on something by accident and discover that what pops up is actually interesting, even just what they were looking for enhances visitor experience. It all boils down to the quality of what is being featured. This is not to say that the blog must be an unsightly, tacky mess, but it is to say that having a lot to offer in each post and page works. The minimalist design is simplistic and visually appealing, but that does not mean it is the only one that works.


They Give Readers More Options

People go to the search engine and enter a term or phase, hoping that the information they are looking for is going to suddenly appear, but it does not always happen that way. Sometimes they find a blog post or an article that give them only a taste of what they are looking for, but not the whole thing. Readers appreciate blogs that are the ultimate resource of information. They like it when they do not have to click back to Google and keep on searching. It might be that what they are looking for is not featured on the page with the post, but if you have a link  to the page they need, the visitor will be thankful.

While many cluttered blogs were created by accident, being the side effect of an overzealous amateur blogger that places too much focus on their commissions, there is a secret science behind some cluttered blogs that makes them actually work , performing much better than the minimalist, simplistic blog design ever could. It is true that those who take the cluttered design approach are taking a risk, but those who master it have many benefits to reap, including higher conversion rates. 

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