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Buy Targeted Traffic for Increased Conversion

Why buy targeted traffic directly? Because it is the quickest and most effective method  to increase website traffic and drive more of the type of visitors you want right to your site or online business- it’s that simple! If you do not have a steady stream of qualified, targeted visitors to your website, blog or business, your sales will suffer or worse – you will have none! There are almost as many advertising and marketing options (banner ads, ppc, cpm etc) as there are websites and, perhaps, you have tried them. Unfortunately, most of these services are very expensive with low ROI (Return On Investment). That’s right- Wasted Time and Money. Waiting for Google organic traffic, especially if your site is new, can take a toll on your business. Fortunately another option exists that is far more effective – you can buy website traffic that translates into More Sales and Savings!

Our Premium Service lets you buy targeted traffic to meet your specific needs and help you to CONVERT AT A HIGHER RATE AND INCREASE SALES. Now you don’t have to hope and worry whether your online ads will bring you enough qualified and targeted traffic to make that expensive marketing campaign worth it. Our service will remove  the uncertainty out of  that part of your internet marketing. You will not only increase conversion rate and boost your online sales and profits, but you will also cut out wasteful spending!

Choose Your Traffic by Country, Category/Niche or Even Keywords

                                                                                 “Precisely The Traffic You Need”  

Choices and Flexibility:  Thousands of real, targeted visitors to your site or blog using only proven and effective methods. Not only can we target your visitors by Category/Interest  and Country (Geo-Targeted), but we can even tailor your traffic using Keyword Marketing, letting you use the keywords that best describe your service or product. We increase web traffic to you by sending you visitors who have already expressed an interest in what you are selling. Whether your site sells services, techie computer gadgets or antiques, you will receive thousands of website visitors who are searching for what you are offering. Need Geo-targeted traffic from a particular country –  the US, Canada or the UK, for example? Want to increase blog traffic worldwide but still specific to your category or niche? We got you covered. Our guaranteed traffic will save  you money and produce results versus traditional advertising.

Our guaranteed traffic comes from an extensive worldwide network of expired domains representing just about every market, category and niche. Our network lets you buy traffic that is just right for you, your products and your services. Many of these domains (many are aged) have  a steady and significant stream of visitors daily. We simply take the visitors going to these domains and we redirect them to your website. The benefit to you from our service? In a nutshell, you get to buy targeted traffic that is cost-effective and perfect for your site – whenever you want it!

Why buy from us? Because we only send you 100% real targeted traffic – no fake visitors using scripts, bots or any other automated tricks.  When you purchase our service we only count visitors coming from unique IP addresses, guaranteeing that you will only receive 100% unique visitors- so your traffic will always be “IP unique” with a 24 hour uniqueness guarantee, meaning the same visitors will not be counted more than once in a 24 hour period. This is a very important consideration whenever you buy traffic. Also, visitors will see your website in full size- in all it’s richness. You will also be able to track your traffic in real-time via your own dedicated tracking page, which we supply to you. Finally, all orders are covered by our 30 day delivery guarantee!

Stop Wasting Time and Money – Buy Targeted Traffic For Real Results!

Order With Confidence Today! Whether you need  5000 or 100,000 visitors to your website, blog or internet business, we’ve got you covered.  Buy web traffic from Fans2traffic and experience the difference!

Choose from over a dozen countries and 100+ categories and niches or even keyword traffic

10% Free Bonus Traffic With Every Order!

Why Our Service Is Right for You:

  • Lets you buy website traffic that is right for you Realize fast and positive effects on your business
  • 100% Real Human Visitors – Not scripts, bots or other tricks- Guaranteed Traffic to your site!
  • Boost Your Website Traffic Ranking – Increase Alexa Rank and site value
  • 24 HR Unique Visitors– Every visitor will come from a unique IP and be counted only once in a 24 hr period
  • Full Size Page Views – You buy traffic that will see your pages in full size views
  • Real-Time Stats Tracking – You will have the ability to monitor your campaign in real-time
  • 30 Day Guarantee – Receive your visitors within 30 days or we will refund your money back pro-rated

**(Traffic Campaigns normally start within 24 hrs of order and are completed in 30 days or less)

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