Does Your Business Have a Good Social Media Strategy?

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The internet created the perfect opportunity for businesses, large and small, to expand their presence in a way not possible before, and many people hurried to capitalize on its potential. However, it has never been as simple as just having a website. You need to have certain marketing knowledge and social media strategy in order to attract more clients. No matter whether you have a blog, an online business, a company, or you are a lawyer looking for more exposure, you need to learn how to promote yourself. Social media marketing allows you to be everywhere at once, to put your business in front of millions of potential customers. However, in order to do so, you need to connect, to create a map that will ultimately lead your social fans back to your website.


A Single Account Won’t Cut It  

That’s because when it comes to marketing, more is usually better. There are many people who believe that it is enough to connect to a single social media platform, for example Facebook. This is not a winning social media strategy, creating a single social media account and leaving it at that. Your online business strategy needs to be more focused than that, more purposeful. Social media marketing involves more than simply creating an account and attracting a few fans or followers. It is about creating engaging content, and the promotion of this content. Therefore, once you create a Facebook page, also go and create other accounts on places like Twitter, Google Plus, etc. You will need to get your content in front of as many eyeballs as possible – that is a significant part of marketing. Then you must use effective SEO strategies and good content to lead your potential clients back to your website. Old-school, pushy marketing tactics are mostly ineffective and alienating. People don’t want their sensibilities assaulted, so you must cultivate more appealing presentations. When someone visits your page, you want them to leave feeling good about their experience. Do this on every social platform that you are connected to and you will leave a consistent and favorable impression on your visitors. This, in turn, will make them more inclined to click the link back to your website to check out what you are offering. Now you are creating pathways to your online success. So, to recap: create a much social media presence as you can manage, and give people a reason to want to take it further by going to your website, where you can really showcase what you do.


 Linking Social to Your Business                          

Social media is about entertainment and information, while a website is usually more professional and where you try to convert your viewer from a casual information seeker into a member, buyer or client. In order to have a successful business, you need to consistently link the social and the professional components of your business in a smooth and seamless manner. After all, the main goal of having a social page is to get those fans to hopefully take a look at your business. Therefore, it is all comes down to presentation and content marketing, and on how well you know your target clients. Get this right and you will build your audience and online business to a degree that will be very satisfying. So don’t miss the opportunity.


A Little More on Targeting Your Audience

I will touch on this topic briefly and only to stress the point, as it really needs to be treated in more depth (perhaps a topic for another time). But essentially, it is of supreme importance that you, as an online entrepreneur, make it your business to know your audience. As we evolve, we are spending more and more of their lives online. So you must get to know who your audience – know your fans and followers. Create your social media accounts and pages with your target audience in mind. Give them what they want, get feedback from them, study their activities, etc. By paying attention to them and studying them, you will be better equipped to serve them and  increase your chances at success.

The truth is that today’s market is harsh, and you need to be more vigilant, having a social media strategy and always planning your next move carefully. Social media gives you the ability to multiply your business presence and  efforts many times over. Doing it right from the start, and with your target audience in mind, will definitely make it more rewarding, financially and otherwise. Here’s to your success!

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