Does Your Business Really Need a Facebook Fan Page?

Facebook Fan Page for Business: Is It Still a Smart Strategy?


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Those who want to succeed in online business need a winning strategy, but is having a Facebook Fan page really crucial to this strategy? While some experts proclaim the great benefits of having a Facebook fan page for business, calling it a ‘must-have’ web property, there are others who say they can do just as well without one. Of course the power of social media for online business is well-established as being amazing, but there are many other approaches to building a strong social media presence. Should building or buying a Facebook fan page be considered a top priority for businesses? Read on to find out.


Knowing Your Facebook Audience

Successful businesses don’t just go about blindly promoting their products and services online. Before they take any steps with regards marketing, brand building, or advertising, they do the necessary legwork to understand their target market. Facebook marketing should be approached in the same way. Those who skip out on this vital step will have a hard time establishing and growing their business. You have to present your product in a way that appeals to those most likely to buy it. Not every product or service will have a lot of potential customers that are active Facebook users. Before deciding whether or not you should invest in a Facebook fan page, it’s a good idea to find out if your product or service is something that actually appeals to Facebook users.

Facebook offers a couple of very helpful tools to assist you with your research and marketing. Its Partner Categories feature, launched earlier this year, for example, lets you target users and run ads based on their expressed interests and shopping behaviors. Another great tool is their Graph Search, which allows you to learn more about your connections – what they like, etc. These can be great resources for targeting your audience and creating marketing messages. Take advantage of them and get to know your audience.


Facebook Fan Page for Backlinks

Just like with site content, your approach to getting backlinks to a website must place a focus on quality. There is much debate in the SEO community about whether it is best to get only do-follow links or if no-follow links are helpful as well. While Facebook is a site that ranks highly on Google, a link from your fan page to your website will be a no-follow link, meaning that you are not going to increase PR with it. This doesn’t mean, however, that having a backlink from your own Facebook fan page wouldn’t be beneficial. If the page gets a lot of traffic, that traffic can be directed to your website. As well, having a fan page helps to increase your saturation of the net, which is always good for business.


Should You Buy a Facebook Fan Page or Build One?

There are many whose online job is limited to making fan pages, getting “likes” on them, and then selling these pages for profit. The option to buy a Facebook fan page can be very attractive to some online business owners. They like the thought of saving themselves the time and trouble of building a fan page from scratch and then building an audience for it. However, some have encountered problems with this approach. The established audience on the page does not always necessarily convert into buyers. Often these purchased pages prove quite worthless. By building your own page it is natural and customized to your business; and by working to build up the audience slowly, you build strong relationships that make it easier to convert fans into buyers.

Facebook continues to be popular, though some have voiced concerns about the state of its future. Having a fan page of your own may or may not prove to be beneficial. It all depends on your target market and business strategy. To your success!

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