Are There Benefits to Buying Web Traffic?

buying web traffic

The success of your website is very much determined by how much web traffic it actually generates. It goes without saying that traffic will either make or break any online business. There are, however, two types of website traffic – your recurring, or returning traffic, and one-time traffic. If you really want to increase your chances for online success, you will need both types, of course. The emphasis naturally should be on converting these first-time visitors into regular ones and also, preferably, into buying visitors. The reasons for more traffic should be obvious, but some may not be so obvious to everyone. Let’s look at some of the more important benefits to having a high traffic website.


Online marketers and web masters typically know that to have a powerful base of visitors to a website can lead to increased sales. But here is something else to chew on: online advertisers will also want to place their advertisements on your site if they think you are receiving a high amount of quality traffic. What this means to you is additional income. The ads revenue benefits are often overlooked when online marketers rant about some on the other more apparent benefits such as increased Alexa Rank and sales conversions. In addition to these, there are many other good reasons you should consider buying guaranteed traffic to your site. As a side note, as you begin to receive regular visitors to your site and traffic increases, your online presence and status in your field or niche are boosted- and who doesn’t love recognition?


When deciding how you can drive more web traffic to the site, you have different options. There are many approaches to getting traffic, some more effective than others and some more or less time-consuming or cost-effective – investing in SEO, search engine pay-per-click ads with the likes of Google and Bing and so on. There are many articles on the site covering these approaches. For the moment though, we will focus on purchased website traffic. So, why bother with this approach to getting traffic to your site?


What’s With Buying Web Traffic? – Factors to Consider


You Generate High Quality Targeted Traffic: This is an extremely important consideration. There is traffic but there is also targeted traffic. Well, targeted traffic is much better for they visit your site because they are interested in what you have to offer. They visited your website because they wanted to, not because they are randomly clicking the mouse and suddenly stumbled onto your site; hence, they are targeted and more predisposed to buying.


You Get Boost to Your Page Ranking: Once you actually buy traffic, your site starts to rank higher on the major search engines, which in turn brings in more search engine traffic. There is a correlation between high traffic sites and higher page rank, though the SEO community does not often speak of it. It’s just a matter of choosing the right company from which to buy web traffic. You will want real visitors and targeted visitors. This will only lead to more efficient traffic production. For this reason alone, buying targeted traffic makes sense.


Increased Revenue Through the Ads Placed on Your Site:  As mentioned earlier here, advertisers pay just to place ads on popular sites, normally sites with top page ranking. With the introduction of PPC, website owners discovered that it is potentially possible to have a steady cash flow by placing ads on their websites. Once your site has lots of visitors, revenue sharing online advertisers will start placing advertisements on your site that can guarantee you additional income.


These are just some of the benefits you can get from buying web traffic. A note here: while buying traffic is indeed a smart option in order to supplement your existing traffic, you shouldn’t rely on it completely. You should also continue to improve the search engine optimization on your site and build quality links, as these activities will definitely pay off going forward.


If you are still doubtful whether buying web traffic is an excellent idea, then perhaps starting with a small “test” campaign may be the way to go. Once you actually see a boost in your site statistics, then you can be more aggressive with your purchases. While there are a lot of things one can do to generate more web traffic, buying guaranteed traffic for your website can be a very productive approach.

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