8 Best iPhone 5 Apps for Internet Marketers and Online Business Owners

Online business owners and internet marketers need much more than just hosting and the latest SEO strategies in order to be successful. They need ways to stay organized, monitor their businesses while on the go, and make their workload a lot lighter. Many of them have bought one of the new iPhone 5 models because of all the great features it offers to help them reach their goals.

What really makes the new iPhones exciting, however, is Apple’s completely overhauled and powerful mobile operating system – the iOS 7. Apple calls iOS 7 “The world’s most advanced mobile OS” and Apple fans can’t find enough superlatives to describe all the wonderful tools and apps available to them. But for those who make their money online, some of the apps for the new operating system may be even more compelling. Here is a brief look at eight of the best iPhone 5 apps that can make life for internet marketers and online business owners more productive, if not more profitable.

best iPhone 5 apps


  • Mailbox

Most online business professionals get tons of important emails every day. Just sorting it all out can be a labor-intensive task. Instantly transform your email inbox into a handy to-do list. This app is no longer available for iOS 6, because has been redesigned for iOS 7.


  • Evomail

This is also an email app for iOS 7. Evomail, developed by Jonathan George, allows users to navigate through their inbox using simple swipe gestures, but it does much more than that. Using Evomail, email can be shared on Facebook, Twitter, and any other platform online. It even has search for email and be used to attach Dropbox files to email.


  • ProNotes

Just thought up a great new niche to enter or a new content strategy to try? Keep all your notes organized easily using ProNotes. You can add not only notes, but also photos, drawings, checklists, and videos. Use content tags, month, or date to view notes. ProNotes even lets you sync notes with Evernote, Toodledo, and more.


  • Collaborate

Do you work with a team? Collaborate makes project management easy. This app allows users to share files through services such as Google Drive, Box, Dropbox, and Evernote. The version of Collaborate for iOS 7 even lets users send messages through AirDrop.


  • Cloze

Keep track of the social media posts of those in your network. Cloze compiles emails, Facebook posts, tweets, and more, putting them all into one easy-to-use interface.


  • Piktochart

Infographics have proven to be powerful forms of content when it comes to marketing. They can grab the site visitor’s attention and hold it. Piktochart makes it easy to create attractive-looking Infographics right from your iPhone without being a designer. How nice is that!


  • SEO Pro

You don’t have to carry your laptop around just to keep track of your page or Alexa rankings. SEO Pro also let’s keep track of unlimited urls and other metrics such as Domain Authority, Facebook Shares and your External Links. Best of all, it lets you do it all on the go.


  • Analytics Pro

Analytics Pro lets you easily access Google Analytics from your iPhone. Not only does it let you access multiple accounts and all of your Analytics information, but you can view your data visually through graphs. Of course, you must have a Google Analyitcs account to take advantage of this fabulous app.


Being an internet marketer or an online business owner is a full-time job that requires you to stay connected around the clock. This helpful iPhone 5 apps list will help you to keep things going even when accessing the web through a desktop or laptop is not an option. No wonder so many online business owners and marketers were eager to get their hands on the new iPhone models! Tell us about your favorite or best iPhone 5 apps.

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