5 Must-Have Free WordPress Tools for Ecommerce in 2013

Fantastic Five Free WordPress Tools for Ecommerce

In our final post on using WordPress for online business, we will take a look at 5 really cool and productive free WordPress tools for eCommerce. tools to make your site more productive. WordPress tools are essential to online business for those who use this publishing platform. While there are plugins available for all types of WordPress sites, there are some which prove vital to online business. Sometimes users have to buy WordPress plugins for business websites, but there are many great tools that prove powerful for boosting business and are absolutely free. Read on to discover five of the best eCommerce tools for WordPress for 2013.


Sell Products on WordPress Easily with Cart66 Litewordpress tools

It used to be that those who wanted to sell digital products online had to wade through tons of confusing processes, but not anymore. Selling both digital and tangible goods on WordPress is made easy with Cart66 lite. This eCommerce plugin for WordPress is very powerful. It comes with multiple shipping options, which is ideal for those using WordPress to sell digital goods, and many currency options, a feature that is needed for those active in the global marketplace. It makes placing ads on any page in the site an easy task, cutting down the workload for those who also use WordPress for affiliate marketing.


Quick Shop Plugin is a Great Free WordPress Tool for Ecommerce

There are several WordPress users who have high regard for the Quick Shop Plugin, considering it one of the best tools a person can have when engaged in business through WordPress. Not only does this plugin come with email and PayPal functionality built in, but it helps you add products to your pages. Best of all, this plugin adds a sidebar to the site where the shopping cart is displayed. This is an added convenience which benefits your customers and makes your WordPress eCommerce site appear even more professional.


Transform Your Content Management System with Zingiri Web Shop

Zingiri Web Shop is an ideal WordPress tool for those looking to start an eCommerce site. This great plugin is helpful for those who want do business on a global level because it supports several different languages. It is excellent for those looking for local profits, because it supports local taxes. It is never a problem for customers to make payments through your WordPress site if you use Zingiri Web Shop, because PayPal, Google Checkout, and WorldPay can all be accepted.


Make It Easy to Accelerate Your Online Business Using JetPack

Anyone who is at least slightly familiar with the realm of online business knows how great it can be for a website to go viral through social media. Do you have a product or price so amazing that customers who find out about it want to tell everyone else? JetPack makes it easy for them to do exactly that! It connects with the major social media platforms, allowing customers to leave comments and subscribe to your updates through Facebook, Twitter, or WordPress.com. Even though your business is eCommerce, this is still a very important feature. It can help you get new customers easier and provide stellar customer service. Of them all, JetPack may prove to be the most helpful free WordPress tool for eCommerce.


Let us know what are some of your favorite WordPress eCommerce Tools.

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