4 Fast Ways to Reduce Web Page Bounce Rates

4 Fast Ways to Reduce Web Page Bounce Rates

Reduce bounce rate

bounce rate


While working on increasing conversion rates is important, a look at the website’s bounce rates may prove to be more effective in getting the results you want from your website. The traffic must perform the desired actions in order for the site owner to make money.  A high traffic volume is not enough to make a website successful. After all, if all your visitors hit the back button or shut down their browser as soon as they arrive at your web page, when will they get the chance to see all the work you put in to the site or take advantage of the offers presented? Here are some simple ways to reduce bounce rates right now.

Reduce External Links

External links may serve as a helpful resource to site visitors, but they also detract from your readership and in excess can make a site look spammy. There are some websites who can expect a high bounce rate by nature, but those looking to make a pre-sale or convert visitors into sales need to place more focus on providing the needed information right on the site and keeping that potential. Simply removing some of the external links from a webpage can instantly and effectively improve the bounce rate.

Get Rid of that Pop Up

Some website owners consider the pop up ad to be ingenious in design and use it on every page of their site. They do not realize just how annoying pop up ads can be to the site’s visitors. The visitor is coming to see if you finally have the solution they have been looking for, but instead of finding a solution they get one of those irritating pop ups to block their way and it causes them to lose all interest in what you have to say or offer. Instead, your website gets the reputation for being spam and visitors never return to the site again.

Cut the Theme Song

Some music may seem like a great website feature to have.  The genre might go right along with the theme of the website and most people in the target market might be likely to enjoy that type of music. However, when a site visitor has a sleeping baby nearby, are sitting in a public library, or using a computer at their job, the last thing they want is to have music blasting through their speakers upon arrival at your site.  This can make them click away faster than just about anything else.

Pause the Video

Just as music can be a big disturbance that increases a website’s bounce rates, so too can video. Many website owners are eager to install video on their sites because it has been proven to be so helpful to many others, even boosting conversion rates several percentages.  The effectiveness of video has been proven and can even lower the bounce rates of your site, but not if the video is set to play automatically upon the visitor’s arrival. They might not be prepared to hear the sound of the video. It is best to upload the video to the site and let the visitor decide when to play it.

 Take Action Today

There are many ways to reduce bounce rate, but these are some of the more obvious actions you can take today to help you keep your visitors on your website longer and make your internet efforts more productive.

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