3 Website Pitfalls You Must Avoid

3 Website Pitfalls You Really, Really Must Avoid!


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No, it is not your physical address or email address! Some people might say that those are two things that should never be put on a website, but including these things can actually prove helpful. However, there are things that you should not ever post on your website or blog because they can cause you to lose the respect of your audience and the business of your customers. These disastrous inclusions lower conversion rates and are responsible for keeping people from living the dream. Worse of all, they are painfully commonly found. Read on to avoid these horrible website content pitfalls.


Never, Ever Say ‘Welcome to My Site’

‘Welcome to my site’, any way that it may be worded, should be considered an online cuss phrase! Oh yes. It is a curse, but the only thing being cursed is your own website! Why do it at all? It does not help your search engine rank, because by no means can it be considered a keyword. It is supposed to make visitors feel more welcome, but it only makes them feel like an outsider. Yet, people do it all the time. It is commonly found as the hellish opener on many home pages. Quite a shame. This phrase is notorious for increasing bounce rates. Leave it out. It is very tacky.


Get Rid of the Hit Counter

I mean really, who is supposed to be impressed by this anyway? Not only are hit counters old-fashioned, they are also unsightly. If your website is really all that great, visitors will know so by the design and the content, even the social media response. As a matter of fact, there are some not-very-thoughtful website owners who feature a hit counter on their website, but are very low on Facebook Likes, Google Plus Ones, and so on. So what they are telling people with the featuring of these hit counters is that many people visit their sites and no one likes it! Yeah right, like that is a great idea.


You Are the Only Subscriber? Oh Really?

Facebook and Google Plus widgets feature the pictures of website or blog followers and fans. Some new website owners and bloggers subscribe and ‘like’ their own web properties, and rightfully so. However, a red flag goes off in the minds of site visitors if yours is the only picture featured on the list of social media fans. A good idea is to either use the widget where faces are not featured, just until you build up a bigger following, or buy social media likes and subscribers so that your face is not the only one that is there. Why advertise the fact that you are a newbie, or that your site is not all that popular? It will only make things harder on you.


There are several other things that you should never ever post on a website or blog, but these are the biggest offenders by far. If you have any of these three features on your web property, then the time to change it is now. If you have not been getting the response that you desire, these items just might be the source of the problem. Thinking from the perspective of your audience can help you to avoid these and other website pitfalls.

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